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Escapism is Alexandrina Brant’s forte, be that in snuggling down on the sofa, swing dancing, or roleplaying Lady Summer in her NeoVictorian gear.

I’m 21. I’m a graduate of Reading University, England with a Bachelors in joint Psychology and Philosophy. I’m finally updating my bio after two and a half years.

Family is one of the most important things to me, and I believe God is calling me to guide the next generation into His arms. I am very blessed my gentleman supports me thus. My best friend and partner, who happens to know little about dancing, wine or God, but has the kindest soul, most forgiving mind, and gentlemanly manner. He brings me back to life.

My partner and I, May 2015

I have a refined palate (ahem, I’m totally not fussy, no…) and I love gourmet food paired with expensive wine. I have a passion for spice. I love experimenting with cooking, but cocktails are my true weakness.  I like pretty dresses and vintage outfits, and am more at home in independent stores that smell of incense than New Look and Jack Wills. I talk – and occasionally sing! – in my sleep. Seems there’s no shutting me up. I also frequently have vivid dreams, but although I used to, I have lost my ability to lucid dream. For now.

Authors who inspire me: Lewis Carroll, Agatha Christie, Gail Carriger, VE Schwab, Samantha Shannon

I like a bit of everything, genre-wise. Quirky, historical films like The Grand Budapest Hotel; cheeky mysteries like Midsomer Murders; epic fantasies, like Lord of the Rings. Not to mention, anything spacey like Doctor Who.

Proud Oxford comma user!


“We are delighted when the tragic hero still finds words, reasons, eloquent gestures, and altogether intellectual brightness, where life approaches abysses and men in reality usually lose their heads and certainly linguistic felicity.”

Nietzsche, art

“Literature and its oral antecedents organize experience in personally meaningful ways. They provide models of behaviour and help regulate the complex cognitive machinery through which humans negotiate their social and cultural environments.”

Lewis Carroll

The Lincoln Steampunk Asylum 2014

For a list of current active (non-abandoned) work-in-progress fiction, see the page under the ‘books’ tab.

Want to get in touch for book reviews, author interviews, or to host me on your blog?


24 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh, and I have a weakness for starsign and tarot readings, despite not actually believing in them.

    ME TOO! haha. I used to be a Catholic (now I think I’m a Baptist). I miss the ritual side of Catholicism and the beautiful churches.

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