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The thinking-space of a not-quite novelist



Escapism is nineteen-year-old Alexandrina Brant’s forte, be that in snuggling down on the sofa for an episode of Endeavour, dancing to thirties swing whilst being Treasurer of the society’s accounts, or roleplaying Lady Summer in her NeoVictorian gear.

And don’t forget writing. Forever listed as her ‘third-favourite’passion, writing is doing well for itself, since it never cares to leave Alex’s mind. Her main work is a philosophical Fantasy Romance about lovers separated in different realities due to a broken clock. For a list of her current active (ie. non-abandoned) work-in-progresses, see the page under the ‘books’ tab.

In her non-existent spare time, she plays primarily as Chaser for the Reading Rocs Quidditch team, sings lyrical mezzo-soprano in the Reading University chamber choir, and is forever looking for the right match with whom to share a fine pinot grigio.

Other than that, her facetious tongue would love to learn Italian, despite studying a BA in Psychology and Philosophy. In June 2014, she was confirmed into the Catholic Church, and, as such, religion occasionally infuses her writing.


The Lincoln Steampunk Asylum 2014. Photograph by Deva Dawson


Interesting and novel things about me:

I am a tachophobe, which means even standing near fast moving objects (eg. rollercosters, trains) brings me out in a sweat and heavy breathing.

I own (so far) two wigs, and love the feel of long hair on my shoulders. My weakness is red hair.

I have been told I am the spitting image of River Song (from Doctor Who. See top photo). I’m not sure about that, but we do have the same crazy hair.

My lucky number is 12, and 36 is an awesome number.

I am the most typical Taurus you will meet. I am the bull in the china shop. Oh, and I have a weakness for starsign and tarot readings, despite not actually believing in them.

24 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks so much for visiting my site and leaving a footprint.

  2. Hiya buddy! I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award :)

  3. hi, great blog..happy to follow you and you’re looking “Awesome” in this outfit..god bless you!!

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  5. I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
    Tadaa… *jazz hands*.

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  7. A fellow psychologist! Look forward to reading more posts.

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  10. You do look like River, lucky woman. You could make a fortune at sci-fi conventions.

  11. Delighted to have found your blog Alexandrina. Looking forward to lots of reading here. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (give it a spin!).

  12. Yes, River! Absolutely!

    You’re an interesting woman. I like your blog – lots.

  13. Oh, and I have a weakness for starsign and tarot readings, despite not actually believing in them.

    ME TOO! haha. I used to be a Catholic (now I think I’m a Baptist). I miss the ritual side of Catholicism and the beautiful churches.

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