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Revelation, Fauxpocalypse.


Life on Earth is predicted to end on 15 July 2015. But the oncoming megatons of rock and ice break up shortly before impact. Now humanity must live in a world most believed would not exist. Across the planet, people are haunted by the future they did not fear, and even those who did not embrace death must face the consequences of others’ decisions.

A collection of twelve stories about rebuilding hope.

In Revelation, an Oxford student makes a promise to God to be saved from the apocalypse. When the comet misses, it raises doubts about the old life, about what has been right or wrong. 

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Late 2011,  A Rosary, A Fume Cabinet and A Music Book, charity anthology Scream For Charity.

Horror stories with a Christmas theme – for charity. In A Rosary, A Fume Cabinet and A Music Book, a student searches for her teacher’s murderer…but many people will stop the truth escaping.


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