A beautiful new place to stay…Casa Tolomei

Bella Bagni di Lucca

Casa Tolomei is the beautiful house where Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning stayed when they visited Bagni di Lucca.

Casa Tolomei

It was recently bought by Laura and Andy and they have worked hard to bring the building back to life. Their renovation is remarkable.

Casa Tolomei

Casa Tolomei

In 2016 they finished the upper floor and had B&B rooms available to rent. This year there is a self catering option which includes a suite with 2 bedrooms and bathroom plus the stunning frescoed living room and adjacent kitchen.

Casa Tolomei

Casa Tolomei

Casa Tolomei

Casa Tolomei

Casa Tolomei

Casa Tolomei

Casa Tolomei

Casa Tolomei

For summer the whole upper floor will be available. The rental options will be 2 independent self-catering apartments or the whole floor for larger groups…8 – 12 people.

The lovely garden has an above ground pool, with plans for an inground pool this year.

Casa Tolomei

Casa Tolomei

Casa Tolomei

Italian lessons will also be available at Casa Tolomei.

Casa Tolomei is in Via Umberto I, La Villa. For enquiries and bookings email…

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How cultural contexts can shape mental illness

Wellcome Collection Blog

‘Bedlam: the asylum and beyond’ is now in its final weeks, closing on 15 January. The exhibition traces the rise and fall of the mental asylum and how it has shaped the complex landscape of mental health today. For this post we adjust our focus as Sarah Jellenc takes a more global view of mental health. 

As a student of literature, I’ve spent a lot of time studying cultural narratives – the stories we tell ourselves in order to make sense of our reality. Browsing through the Hearing Voices Café newspapers at Wellcome Collection’s ‘Bedlam’ exhibition the other day got me thinking: what bearing might cultural narratives surrounding mental illness have on an individual’s expression and experience of psychopathology?

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The Holy Family and Our Families

Deus Nobiscum Blog

Today is the Feast of the Holy Family. We celebrate and honor this family because God, Jesus Christ, didn’t just take on flesh, but he truly took on human life. When he came he was born into a family, the family of Mary and Joseph. The Scriptures don’t talk a lot about the life of the Holy Family, but the things that it does mention are of great value.

1. The Holy Family is Chaste

The Gospels tell us that when Joseph found out about Mary’s pregnancy he sought to secretly put Mary away. Now there are many theories about Joseph’s desire here, including that his motivation was out of fear of being present with Mary who was so holy as to bear a child from God. Of course, Scriptures suggest that he did not know this until after he had decided to put her away when the angel revealed…

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A Wishlist for the Disappointment of Christmas

Ah, now that Christmas is but crumbs and recycled paper, we stare at what counts as presents and ponder – did it really have to be this way? It occurred to me that I probably don’t voice my opinions on gifts that much, but Christmas is difficult to manoeuvre. People disrupt my brain!

After all, if one deigns to drop to material lows for a gift to me, why not make it count for one or two bigger gifts instead of buying me loads of small gifts I’m only going to throw away/sell.

Image result for dudley dursley gif

Lest we turn into Dudley Dursley.

In no way give me chocolate. I don’t even like chocolate. (Unless it’s expensive. But even then it makes me sick.)

And thus, it occurred that I should have a wishlist. At least, or even, for my own sake. An eternal wishlist applicable any year:

> Lush products. ‘Til I die.

> Nightwear, pyjamas or nightdress. Also because these things have a limited life with me.

> Classic beanie babies, thrifted lovingly.

> Collectible or limited edition items.

> Tea/coffee things. Yum.

Image result for kermit sipping tea gif

All Kermits aside.

> Vintage dresses I can’t afford on my own terms, i.e. Bernie Dexter, PinUp Girl.

> Lacy underwear sets. Yes, please!

> Personalised gifts or frames. After all, who doesn’t want a present tailored to their interests?

> Money. For Pete’s sake, money! In my engaged, student state, money is the most loving gift you can give me. I asked for money towards the wedding and the 1 I received (well, 3 if you count the 2 displaced money gifts of £40 in Starbucks and M&S vouchers) was from a family I hardly see.

Thank goodness for the love of strangers!

For once, it would also be nice to be spoiled with a pretty set of crystal earrings the likes of which are features on television adverts.

Just saying.