Review of Limecrime’s ‘Dope’

I am an avid fan of liquid lipsticks, so I was overjoyed to get a Christmas gift voucher from a friend for Limecrime makeup, just enough to try a Diamond Crusher liquid lipstick/lip topper that I’ve wanted to try since they came out last year.


Look 5/5

Dope dazzles. I’d say ‘crushed diamonds’ is not quite the correct description of the visuals, but this lip topper certainly has a host of facets in the colours it projects. Pinks, blues, green. The main colour is a rose gold – Limecrime describes Dope as ‘cotton candy champagne’ (they also have Lit, which is ‘rose gold on acid’, but I think the two are very different in their warmth of hue). I’ve seen Dope look goldy in swatches, but on me it’s more of a pinkish glow, akin to Nivea’s Pearly Shine.

It’s a bit more, of course. Flecks of glittery colour. Difficult to really pinpoint the best way of describing the effect.

Formula 3/5

It’s a cross between lip gloss and liquid lipstick formula, a bit streaky, but with a decent setting time and the scent of strawberry candies. I imagine that this would sit better with a lip liner on the cupid’s bow.

For the same price as a Velvetine, you get a larger tube of Diamond Crusher, which suggests that you need more to get a smooth, pigmented application on the lips and/or it’s a formula that you’ll get through quicker.


As if you need more photos of my face…

Comfort 4/5

Dope is comfortable to wear for hours at a time. My lips don’t get that dry with lipstick on, though, so it might be a relative factor. Despite not being glossy in the sticky sense, it is a bit gummy even after drying and it has that roughness that lipglosses with crystal bits in tend to have.

It doesn’t crumble, however, and it feels smooth to the tactile touch.

Long lastingness 2/5.

Limecrime liquid lipsticks aren’t the best when it comes to long-lasting wearability we all acknowledge, but Dope is the worst Limecrime lipstick I have in terms of lasting. It comes off quickly during eating and drinking It is transfer-proof when completely dry, but I found my hands getting sparkly if i wiped them across lips not with a little moisture. Even with a liquid lipstick underneath, the glitter topper and the colour underneath (I used Limecrime’s vampy purple Jinx), both came off on my first bite of Dim Sum.


Overall: 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

A pleasant colour and texture, but I am a bit disappointed about the lack of staying power my Dope has. Yeah, these are meant to be toppers to the other colours, but I expected something more from their ability to stay.


A compliment-worthy colour that is muted enough for me to wear daily with a formula that needs tweaking. Not sure it’s worth the money, but if you love the feel of a liquid lipstick with the shine of a gloss, Diamond Crushers are worth considering.


Sometimes I take part in the Currently… blog hop series.



The British weather at the moment. It’s glorious and sunny; a good return from Italy, as there’s been a minimal drop in temperature. Indeed, the temperature indoors in Britain matches the air-conned lounges of Italia, so not much change there. But will it last?


My mum’s garden


THE TROUBLE WITH DEMONS by Lisa Shearin. I love this author’s style and characters, but I’ll admit that I am rubbish at keeping up with these books. I got given the Raine Benares series #1 and #2 and then didn’t read them for ages, then I only recently had the money to buy #3. As far as I am aware (from memory), there are at least 7 books.


Metropolitan Magic online collaborative story. I took a break to think out the layout of these coming POVs, but I think I’ve got over that bump and can’t wait to write more.

If only my serious novel rewriting was going so swimmingly…


I love watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. It’s very addictive, as all Netflix shows tend to be, yeah? Apart from that, there’s not much on my virtual to-watch list. My YouTube to-watch list, however…

Thinking about…

My plans for next year. I can’t say much, but there will be big things happening, and I have my eyes set on planning. Because planning is so much fun. 🙂


Starting my Masters course. It’s a bit of time away yet, but I’ll be moving to the capital, which of course, is something different for me. And different things have never sat so well.


For a safe and short journey for my holiday in Poland. I’ll be doing some volunteering for a week, then participating in the World Youth Day, which is something I’m definitely nervous about, but also proud I get to be a part of.


Have a good rest of your week. 🙂 Did you post a Currently… post this week? What have you been up to?

Glamour and Intrigue

Well, I intended to bl;og today. And I intended to write a bit of my old collaborative, Metropoliton Magic (which I have mentioned is coming to its exciting finale, and I want to keep following). Alas, the time has slipped away from me today.

I would like to say I have a proper excuse: doing work, for instance, or packing for the house-move my mum is currently in the middle of. In fact, neither of those are true today.

What I have to blame is this adorable–and addictively fun!–game, Slime Rancher. As YouTuber Markiplier would say “adorable little poops!” Yes, yes they are.

Anyway, here is the start of my July absence from blogging due to holidays. As to the title of this post, it is a reference to my first destination: Venice. Via The Orient Express train.

Now, I’ve always loved the 20s-50s (most particularly, the 30s, but the aesthetic and the music et al is loveable for me across all decades) and I have always loved trains – both train travel and the aesthetic of trains (though, ironically, my tachophobia means speeding trains passing I cannot stand) – but this is, indeed, the trip of a lifetime

The 50s in particular can be full of glamour and intrigue. Sure, we may romanticise the past, but that is what makes it valuable to us. In the same way that we imagine the future to be of space travel and communication instantly, imagining the good bits of the past allows us to stay positive about the life we live.

Plus, there were so many people to aspire to in those days. Culture changes, and, yes, it would be illogical to disagree or try to revert what we have now, but that does not stop our appreciating this past and what it has done for us. Let us not wish ourselves there, but enter respectfully and partake as an observer.

Food for thought, anyway.

So, I love the glamour and intrigue, and this is why this holiday is something I want to cherish.


See y’all on the other side. 🙂

Rain and Cherry Blossoms

I think it’s fair to say that it’s spring. Granted, the clocks don’t spring forward until the end of March, but the English days have been getting warmer (even if the nights haven’t), to the point that it’s awkward to where loads of layers. In fact, as I remarked recently, it’s almost cardigan weather again. Good for me, as I recently bought a new CollectIf clothing jumper in the sale. It arrived today, the cute little thing, gold and apt for Spring, though it was first in the AW/15 collection.

It’s been raining on and off. Mostly on, but there are days where the sun makes it unbearable to wear a coat – and days where one must travel with enough piece of wear to change if necessary. But speaking of which, the change of weather heralds the change of season.Even if it isn’t really Spring, I think it will be in my mind, because of the showers. That, and this:


This shot I spotted on my walk into town. I go a variety of ways, but this is the crossroads of smaller roads. Sometimes it’s nice not to have to walk next to the main road. And then I come across this. Almost walked past it. But the blossoms called to me, with their lovely dappled heads. Against the sky, they were so vibrant and noticeable.

It’s not the best shot, but it’s something I rather like. Spring is on its way, with a flourish, and hopefully better spirits.

7 Quick Takes – Essays, Time-Management and God

Let’s pop over to This Ain’t the Lyceum to see how everybody’s been doing this week.

seven quick takes friday 2


Firstly, it is this little blog’s fourth birthday! I’ll admit that it’s been a less-impressive run than the last couple of years in terms of blogging, but on the other hand, I have got things done and my life has been rolling along as steadily as it is able.


It almost matches my blog layout…


Unfortunately for the blog, this has meant that even the best well-meant of posts have got lost at the wayside. Nowadays, I have an idea, and it barely gets further than halfway before I have to transfer my efforts to another activity. I meant to post yesterday, I swear. I’ve even moved reblog Thursday to a Reblog Weds to accommodate my hectic Wednesday timetable this year. These things just haven’t happened, though.


It’s the weekend! And it truly has been a “thank goodness it’s Friday!” day for me. One of my research participants cancelled last minute yesterday for this afternoon, which meant I was able to actually get some of my – shock horror! – dissertation done in the time of their absence. The thing is that, with (so far) 600 words a day, I’m getting there, but I have more to do than I can afford to have a dissertation report and its progress on my back, too.


I was going to go to a dance class tomorrow, but that too has been cancelled. The good thing about Lindyhop is that it covers so many different styles of dance, and my group in Reading have recently become more interested in getting together a chorus line. The video below is a chorus girls group performing a piece they choreographed – Greece’s premiere chorus girl group, actually, A Bowl of Cherries.


Life is about balance. And there is no truer person who knows this than the [current] university student. At the moment, I’m pretty sure I’m out of balance – but that’s okay. I live with that. See my point #3 – I definitely have to make my time. Who-ever says that time has to found in a day? One has to dig it from the ruins of the hours.

Nevertheless, we must take heart – for God knows His plans and handles our plans. This Isaiah quote is encouraging for anyone in the midst of working and striving, those who feel as if their hopes and wills are fading. God has the strength. Do not be faint in His palm!

(Found on Nurse-buff)


I’m hoping to get to you some writing tomorrow, just something small I decided to do without giving it much thought. It’s set in the world of WTCB and features a couple of characters from LSOT, but apart from that, it was just me playing with dynamics.


She’d written three times in as many days.

Gabiee twisted the letter between her finger and thumb until it had rolled into a tube she’d easily hide up her sleeve.

As if on cue – and an ominous cue at that – the grandfather clock in the atrium struck. She unearthed the chain from around her neck – from it dangled a pocket-watch, battered but carefully strung. A gift from her husband, and from his father to him.

Seven. Home-coming, for the best of words.