Photo of the Week: Copycat

Because cat photos. Life with three cats is interesting, but ultimately one of the best experiences I have had. With all their three personalities, every day is something different.

But it is indeed Marmite who is the most…intriguing. She is the most territorial, yet she is in herself shy. She is one to dine-and-dash, so to speak, yet she has been known to hang around, to stay a day in my bedroom with no food or water. She’s an odd fluff.

This is from that day when she sat on my jumper and, as cats are want to do, took umbridge with my trying to reclaim it. I liked that she seemed to be imitating my Chat Noir poster in the background.



Photo of the Week: Curious Is the Cat

It’s another cat photo, yay! Haha, I met this fluffy long-haired fellow at the weekend in Reading for the Swing Dance exchange. They needed some persuasion, but eventually I coaxed one cat over, where they suddenly showered with me attention. I took a number of this beauty as they walked the garden fence following me, and I decided to share this one because of the character in the cat’s eyes. What a poser!


Everybody needs a photo of a cat on their blog, right? 😀

Photo of the Week: Moorchicks

Want more little fluffy things for this middle of Spring? I have you covered! These baby moorhens (and sadly some of the only photos I was able to take this week) are new to the campus lake and followed their mama. Look at that chick standing atop the rock!


Photo of the Week: Farm

The #RUSUsaysrelax farm animals were back on campus last week as a well-needed break from revision. Amongst the cute baby rabbits, turtle, and kids, were these lambs, who attracted a lot of attention. They were soft, and I do like a soft and fluffy animal to pet. 🙂


Photo of the Week: Fluffies

It’s been a while, I know. I’m slogging through my dissertation. So. Nearly. Done.

At least Spring is officially here and the campus is coming alive. Take, for instance, this snap from the week of our Egyptian Geese – and their new chicks!


Photo of the Week: Nature’s

Back to the days of old when I used to take so many nature photos…back when I consciously had a thought “what should I do for a photo of the day/week?” I guess I’m back, back to my nature roots and the cuteness I find in the world around me 🙂

This is a cygnet on Reading campus lake. It must be almost a year old now – and yet, it still bears the grey down of the infantile bird. The poor dear had a sibling, but the elements claimed it – and now this one swims around after its parents and still squeaks in alarm. I’ve been watching its progress, and it’s interesting, wondering when it will graduate to become a proper swan (maybe it will be the time when I graduate 😉 ).

Have a good week, everyone. Take the time to see the beauty in the animals and life around you 🙂