The Sunny Side of Roma

It rained today in Rome, big fat drops that sent minuscule chills down my spine because they contrasted so much with the heat and the sunshine beating down upon our hats at noon on a Wednesday. That was the second time it had rained, the first being on our first proper outing (the major downside … Continue reading The Sunny Side of Roma

Winter Reading (Again)

I'm hoping, or at least trying, to read a bit more over my winter break. I guess I'm averaging a chapter a day, but with the amount of different books I want to read... And since I clearly don't talk about reading enough on this blog, I'm gonna look at that. So, what am I … Continue reading Winter Reading (Again)

Bear With Me…

So, not only have my studies lead to an almost brain-deadness that has affected my holidays, but I spilt tea on my laptop, and as such have had no response from it. This leaves me without my materials and with no aim towards progress or blogging. Give it a few days. I need to lock back … Continue reading Bear With Me…

Photo of the Week: Spiffing

A little weekend out with the camera...and a crocheted squirrel...and a certain top hat with goggles. A certain. 😉 Editing my own, too. A couple of filter adjustments and then a crop to remove random pedestrians.