All Things Are Passing Me

This week passed in lightning speed. I wrote and emptied my mind and pieced the edges of thought back together. I remembered – I recalled – and then I forgot. Sometimes, having more than one personality means conflict within the mind or the soul (or whatever state of metaphysics we might want to say). These … Continue reading All Things Are Passing Me

Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!

My baby is growing up... Haha, it feels weird to think that, this time last year, I was staring at the blank screen that was the 'Miss Alexandrina' blog and thinking "I have no idea what to write about". I knew I wanted a dark-but-not-too-much background and a header with my 'tools of the trade': … Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!

Things I Love: Cakes For Charity

In the second of my ‘things I love’ posts (started by Jae), I’m combining in a normal post, because it is both a general ‘this is my interesting life’ (!) post and something I love doing: helping others. I think there’s something quite satisfying about being useful and having a purpose to one’s actions. That … Continue reading Things I Love: Cakes For Charity

Lent: A Time For Silence

Despite its sincere title, yes, this is another blog-post about charity, and, to be more specific, my trials towards accomplishing the success of the group I run. (I love fund-raising, but it is bloomin’ hard to organize)!                                                          On the afternoon of Friday 23th March 2012, the majority of the Year Sevens (First Years), at a … Continue reading Lent: A Time For Silence

Bionics and Me

I only just found out today that my late sister had a glass eye. I was watching a CBBC program this afternoon about two children who were first getting prosthetic limbs: a little girl getting both her legs and one arm, and a boy getting a new electronic arm after his was amputated in an accident. … Continue reading Bionics and Me

Sceam For Charity Success

The ebook 'Scream For Charity' has stopped selling and the entire proceeds will go to UNICEF. I am particularly proud  to have been part of this ebook- with my short story 'A Rosary, A Fume Cabinet, and A Music Book'- as it is my first adventure into publishing, letting me into the experience of e-publishing, and building my (though … Continue reading Sceam For Charity Success