8 Things I’ll Miss About Reading Town

Now that I’ve started winding down from university, and namely living around universities, I’ve been thinking about what I’ll most miss about that atmosphere. Potentially the first in a series. A photo from the main Wantage building across the second quad to the second set of room where we stayed as first years. Walking to … Continue reading 8 Things I’ll Miss About Reading Town


It really does feel like I am spending all my time in a theatre. And it’s marvellous. Yes, I am aware of how much energy is sapped and how I feel so unfit because my limbs ache when I do the usual daily walking et cetera – but these are the risks I chose when … Continue reading AN OPERATIC WEEK

Photo of the Week: Masquerade

Sorry for the radio silence. It wasn't my intention of course to not be online - I feel as if I have given little time to blogging despite myself. Certainly, part of my absence was due to being away for the weekend. The Boyfriend and I went to Sheffield for a masquerade ball, which was … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Masquerade

7 Quick Takes: In Which Research Takes over my Life

It's time to pop over to This Ain’t the Lyceum for Quick Takes Friday. 🙂 ~1~ Well, my week dashed past. Anyone else feeling that? I have so many tasks to complete, including a presentation for next Weds for which I have a block load of reading anyway. *phew* ~2~ I have started my Psychological … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes: In Which Research Takes over my Life

Photo of the Week: Lipstick

With essay writing and editing this week, I'll admit I've not had much time for creative photography or stopping to catch the glimpses of subjects. Though, I'll admit, I've seen a lot of ducks and squirrels on campus. Instead, I guess I treat you to vicarious champagne drinking through an image of my glass from … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Lipstick

Quick Takes Friday: Editing and Essays

Well, the term has officially finished for everybody, but I’ve still things to do. Seven Quick Takes is hosted this week by Written by the Finger of God. ~1~ Why? Primarily – an essay for Typical and Atypical Reading due on Monday. I’ve really enjoyed this Psychology module for this term because it links nicely … Continue reading Quick Takes Friday: Editing and Essays

7 Quick Takes – A Pinup Wishlist

Don’t you find it frustrating when you plan to write a post or reblog something and you don’t even give your blog a glance on the day? I mean, even this is two days late this week… *sigh* With my swing dance, uni, and [sometimes unsuccessful] writing commitments, I have been finding more and more … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes – A Pinup Wishlist