Character #totalrunningmonologue

(I honestly meant to write this a while ago and it has lingered in my Word document for too long. Again.) I suspect I am not alone when I say that I find internal monologue a tricky thing. I, having had issues with voice (ironically, the teenage voice escapes me unless I exaggerate the British … Continue reading Character #totalrunningmonologue


 How does one begin to rewrite something so bad, so cringe-worthy that one can barely look at it? This is one question I am faced with on my pursuit of re-crafting the novella ‘Ezme’. Each present ‘chapter’ is about six-hundred words as a maximum, the entire thing is in present tense, there is little description so … Continue reading Rewriting

Still At It…

With the end of the school term comes a load of different work, writing-work, that is. This, although made more difficult by the sudden ‘death’ of my laptop, means, for me, focusing on the novella I intend to turn into an ebook. I don’t expect much to happen with it, since this was something I … Continue reading Still At It…

Ezme- When?

“Hey, Ezme, is it true that you’re on the internet?” “Shut up!” Ezme yelled, a firm authority in her voice that the others responded to without question, that tone that our teachers were accustomed to using. For a mouse-girl, she sure had a loud voice. As though reading my mind, Ezme turned and gave me … Continue reading Ezme- When?

The Adventures of Agnetha King

Recently (before the last post’s story decide to intervene), I’ve been focused on the continual writing of one of my novels, ‘A Tale of Moscow Mysteries’ (OMM in my notes for short), the sequel to a story that lies close to my heart: ‘A Tale of Jackets and Phones’ (OJAP), the first ‘proper’ story I … Continue reading The Adventures of Agnetha King

Reinventing Ezme

She stands at the brink of destruction, worlds collapsing at the feet. One step forward and her path could crumble beneath her step, one step back and she could be watching another star shoot to the sky- and boiling up inside herself like a dormant volcano… All metaphorically of course. Ezme is nothing but a lonely … Continue reading Reinventing Ezme