More Creative Quotes

Another ‘creative’ quote from my manuscript, this time from Aidelle’s side of the separation. Of regrets and chilling thoughts of being away from him.

(It’s larger – and the picture was, sadly, more cumbersome than my previous, horizontal photos – therefore, I have to say, the quote carries less elegance than the other, but I still thinks this brings a certain bundle of ‘feels’ when I read it. I highlighted some of the phrases that have stayed with me throughout writing.)


Little Mix: DNA

I don’t ‘recommend’ songs because I know how different a person’s taste is for another. However, if you haven’t heard Little Mix’s song ‘DNA’, I suggest listening to it. Try putting the music as loud as your ears can stand it – to see if you can feel it in your body. This one of the reasons why I have one set of large headphones, since the sound is channelled through them extremely well.

I only mention this because I haven’t listened to a song that made me tremble uncontrollably or ‘fit’ for a while. It used to be All Time Low’s ‘Time-Bomb’, but the effects of that have since worn off and emotion-association has changed when I listen now. I don’t know what it is that makes me do so. Perhaps it’s just a side effect of letting my body feel the music.

If music is an electric current, this song is positively charged with double the usual Amps.

I’m A Domino

Ohh, oh oh ohhh.

Singer Jessie J in her video for Domino

Recently, due to my drama teacher’s brief inclusion of it during her lesson, I’ve had Jessie J’s song ‘Domino’ in my head. There’s something about that bubbly major key…and the barmy backgrounds in her music video. I’m quite glad that she’s not just singing against a monotone wall, as some musicians have done and still do to this day; at least with Jessie, we can see that her choice of a ‘living’ background reflects the excitement of the song. That video might be classed as rather strange, but that’s exactly why it sticks out in my mind. And, as an actress, I’ve always been one for dressing up; it’s this ‘quirkiness’ which I enjoy about Jessie J and her music.

It’s the type of music that emotes in me a happy, jolly feeling- I don’t know whether it’s just due to my susceptible cataclysmic personalities and all of Thursday I was dancing around, feeling as if I were full of a bright, shining light, bursting out.

That brings me nicely to another favourite of mine: the film Stardust. Out in 2007 and starring Clare Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer and Charlie Cox (as well as a wide variety of celebrity stars!), the fantasy, action/adventure, romance follows a fallen star’s race across the magical kingdom of Stormhold away from murdering princes and heartless witches. Shamefully, I’ve never read the book, but the film itself remains one of my all time favourites.

I only mention this because, during that Musical Thursday, I felt as if my giddy happiness should light me up just as the star in Stardust, Yvanne, did. I was very tempted to throw my arms wide!

Oh, what life is to shine!

Clare Danes as 'Yvaine' the star, shining

Take me down like I’m a domino.