More Creative Quotes

Another 'creative' quote from my manuscript, this time from Aidelle's side of the separation. Of regrets and chilling thoughts of being away from him. (It's larger - and the picture was, sadly, more cumbersome than my previous, horizontal photos - therefore, I have to say, the quote carries less elegance than the other, but I still … Continue reading More Creative Quotes

Little Mix: DNA

I don't 'recommend' songs because I know how different a person's taste is for another. However, if you haven't heard Little Mix's song 'DNA', I suggest listening to it. Try putting the music as loud as your ears can stand it - to see if you can feel it in your body. This one of … Continue reading Little Mix: DNA

I’m A Domino

Ohh, oh oh ohhh. Recently, due to my drama teacher's brief inclusion of it during her lesson, I've had Jessie J's song 'Domino' in my head. There's something about that bubbly major key...and the barmy backgrounds in her music video. I'm quite glad that she's not just singing against a monotone wall, as some musicians have done … Continue reading I’m A Domino