7 Quick Takes about New Ideas, New Earrings, and New Vloggings

I may have been a little busy the last couple of weeks, but I’m back for this week’s 7 Quick Takes with other Catholic bloggers and hosted by the lovely Kelly of This Ain’t the Lyceum. ~1~ With my first philosophy essay in this morning, things seem to be settling back to normal a bit— … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes about New Ideas, New Earrings, and New Vloggings

TCWT: WTCB has a Script and Other Ex-Libris Problems

I guess I started my original writing career as a script-writer. In one of those "where do you think you're going to be in ten years? Dream job, something you'd like to do, and the probable alternative" (one wonders if this is a healthy thing to ask eleven-year-olds), I listed 'playwrite' as one job in the … Continue reading TCWT: WTCB has a Script and Other Ex-Libris Problems

Death, Derangement and Film Projects

I’m not sure when I’ll next be able to post, due to the craziness of one event following another (in quick succession in terms of working the Open Days in departments and Swing demonstration), so I’ll leave you with one of the other sides of me: some acting. As part of a second-year Film and … Continue reading Death, Derangement and Film Projects

How CinemaSins Can Help Writers

Now, I know that CinemaSins exclusively pokes fun at filmography (they even have a little note on their intro screens saying that the books mean nothing), but their prodding and mocking of filmatic plot holes could be transferred to the unaware plot bunnies or weird deliberate twists of plot in fiction. Whilst #3 came out … Continue reading How CinemaSins Can Help Writers

My Top Five Movies

Something light for your Friday evening Saturday. I’ve not done one of these ‘top five’ posts before, and that’s not surprising, considering that I dislike having favourites – everything should be grand, in my opinion! However, recently I noticed a trend of some sort in my love of old[er] movies rather than the newer stuff. … Continue reading My Top Five Movies

What Makes a Monster Scary?

Not what makes a villain villainous, or what makes a person ‘evil’, but what makes an actual dark monster incur fear in us. For this Doctor Who day, I’m looking at the creatures, the ideas behind why we feel scared of, for instance, the Cybermen and the Daleks. In many plots, a creature of the … Continue reading What Makes a Monster Scary?

Another Next Big Thing

Basically tagged by Joan, I decided I do another Next Big Thing, a companion to my previous, but this time, about my other main novel. What is the working title of your book? A TALE OF JACKETS AND PHONES From where did the idea for the book come? Interesting story, actually: my school put on … Continue reading Another Next Big Thing