Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's, Galentine's, Blalentine's, or whatever. However you're spending your day, and with whomever, respect yourself. This should not be a day of comparisons, but a day of appreciation. We all have someone who is special to us, and we should all share a word with them together. ❤ family. Go on, treat yourself, too.

Photo of the WeeK: Light

Seeing this flower and match in my room one day this week reminded me of a Poppy, the dark centre and the bright ruby red flare outwards, and a twisted stem. It's from my Yankee Candle ( ❤ ) advent calender and is one of the 'Christmas memories' candles, smelling festive - warm and bright … Continue reading Photo of the WeeK: Light

Photo of the Week: Dying Flowers

Sometimes I choose weird decorations. I have to say, these are not the weirdest of mine. I've had this half-bunch of flowers for several months - their dried petals perfume my room just a little bit. They were hanging about in shoeboxes and off my wardrobe, before I finally found a vase for them - … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Dying Flowers

Photo of the Week: Fragrance

In Scotland, I found these cute oil scents/fragrances for my room burner. I took to their scents and frilly edges straight away. Turns out that, due to their moulded shape, they actually melt like the shapes of flowers! So, yeah, I kind of had to take a photo of this prettiness. ^_^

Photo of the Week: Lone Rose

There is one surviving rose left from the dozen my boyfriend gave me two weeks ago. Amusingly enough, a white rose. I have the others, dried, in my room, but this one was too unfurled for me to give up on it yet. Photo taken this morning by the window of my new house's kitchen … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Lone Rose