Nighttime Wanderings of an Animal Crossing Star

I woke too early for schedule Thursday morning and managed to avoid writing anything by picking up my DS. I had intended to relax, but I went for the old game of Animal Crossing: Wild World, from which I had been absent for ten months, according to the animal-character friends of my playable character, Alexa. … Continue reading Nighttime Wanderings of an Animal Crossing Star

Ten Things I Love About Professor Layton

This post was well overdue. I don’t share my love of the Professor Layton DS games as much as I should on this blog. And, now, presenting… Hershel Layton! 10. Enigmatic. One word. Should be my word of the week. Also: awesome. It’s Layton’s clothes to which I’m actually referring. Whilst the man himself has … Continue reading Ten Things I Love About Professor Layton

Life Goes On

The reason I blog about Sims so much is because, well, I go on the game so much. It’s such a great, relaxing pastime for me. Because of my many hours playing, I have developed a prescience of what is going to happen. I can predict (mostly) when a Sim will die of old age … Continue reading Life Goes On

Dreams and Sims’ Genetics

I know I’m a games addict when I start dreaming about being one of my Sims! The lady in question runs a shop as part of the Open For Business expansion pack, and there I found myself, watching as the customers lazed about on the beds (it’s a furniture shop), not buying anything. Customers in … Continue reading Dreams and Sims’ Genetics


I just wanted to post this picture here because I love it. I took it myself on my Sims2 Bon Voyage game, when an adult was celebrating her birthday in the island destination with her mother, daughter, friend and fiancé. I feel that the picture really sums up what Sims’ vacations are all about! Libby … Continue reading Sims!

Now For Something Completely Different…

...such as Sims. Yes, I am an avid gamer, though not of the platformed sort, but rather those open-ended, 'free-play' games. As a child, I was exposed to, first, the Sims1 and then the Sims2, the latter of which I have had and used for many years now. I could blog about absolutely anything that … Continue reading Now For Something Completely Different…