The Room Tour (and Other Crazies in my Life)

Life is already hectic before I could blink and ask about it being so. Even so, it is a Tuesday today - a 'busy' day - and you have I finished my room tour, and thus it stands in its shiny, craziness. Look at that dazzling thumbnail! Anyway, that's it for now. Alex out.

7 Quick Takes About Music and Writing and a Little Bit of Costuming

Regulars know the Friday drill. Join us at ConversionDiary  as we connect about our weeks. ~1~ It feels like it’s been a busy week for me – back and forth even when never moving. Now September is here, I’ve started preparing my body, soul and mind for moving back to Reading. Next week will be … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes About Music and Writing and a Little Bit of Costuming

Photo of the Week: Wooden Waves

Not much on the actual photography front this week, sadly: the entirety of the, what?, three photos I took this week were purely touristy and not artistic, though I did take a nice picture of two in-costume Victorian flowergirls and a train-shell in historical Windsor, which I might share later if the wifi between my phone … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Wooden Waves

Dealing With a Music-less Novel

As the rain pours down in a typical English spring day outside, I’m listening to Mozart’s 27th violin sonata (in G major) and thinking. “Does this reflect any scene from WTCB?” There’s no reason why it should, but I have been trialling certain songs to see which would make any kind of ‘soundtrack’, theme songs … Continue reading Dealing With a Music-less Novel

Photo of the WeeK: Shimmer

(Moved back from yesterday because of the obligatory blog hop post) I'd like to welcome a very late Christmas present to the blog: my electric guitar, Shimmer, which didn't arrive until this week. A basic Affinity series Fender Stratocaster, but my family can't afford anything fancier and because I still have my electric-acoustic, Ruby, I wouldn't … Continue reading Photo of the WeeK: Shimmer

WTCB September: Should I Have Music?

I LOVE music. I feel like I live it. When I play my acoustic guitar, the notes flow and dance around me; when I listen to music, it fills me with joy. I always have some sort of song in my mind. So why do I have very few instances of music in When the … Continue reading WTCB September: Should I Have Music?

King and Queen of Music

  If the organ is the king of the instruments, then the harp is the queen, surely? My thought behind the first statement comes in several stages. If the organ is king, then it follows logically that it would have subjects and lower-status instruments in its family. I would originally have posited that the harpsichord … Continue reading King and Queen of Music