Chilli Sweet Potato Fishcakes

The great thing about fishcakes is that their integral recipe and cooking is the same, but one can experiment with different fish and different spices or veg to get completely different flavours and a dish to suit many palates. Because sweet potato is a warm, flavoursome starch anyway, it pairs well with medium-heat chillies that … Continue reading Chilli Sweet Potato Fishcakes

Body Positivity At The Beach [UV Swimsuit]

Absolutely love this blog post by pinup Miss Amy May about body positivity. Body negativity can be very psychological, and sometimes we have to remind ourselves that looking good is about being confident, whatever shape or size.

Steampunk…. Seriously?

At the Airship Ambassador blog: Prof Elemental talks about dispelling the seriousness and negative stereotypes abounding in the Steampunk community. Definitely worth a read if your interests lie alt-history.

Airship Ambassador

by Professor Elemental

Being a grown up is hard. Mortgages, illnesses, car payments, credit card bills, parenting and politics; these are not activities for the faint hearted. So it’s no wonder that all of us seek some kind of escape from time to time. There’s the telly and the computer, sports and video games, a cornucopia of exciting drugs and new sexual combinations- all there to help ease the pressure of modern life. Still, some of us like to go that extra mile; for some of us, it’s not enough, to watch science fiction- we want to be science fiction. Why sit around imagining an outlandish fantasy when you could actually go out and live it for a while, or at least a fair approximation of it?

That, to me, is the joy of Steampunk. To don a metal arm, squeeze into an impossible corset or even just pop on…

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Lent: A Time for Giving, Not Taking

  Someone asked me at dinner today what I was giving up for Lent. This took me by surprise. For starters, I thought only teenagers partook in the ritual of giving up foodstuffs for 40 days and night. There is also the point I will make that choosing to give up something can actually have … Continue reading Lent: A Time for Giving, Not Taking

Creative Writing at University

Interested in what creative writing is like as a society project in a larger UK university? Below is my short interview with Emily Upson, the president and organiser of Reading’s creative writing society, Scribblers, originally published in Reading Uni’s The New Frontier magazine. What inspired you to revive Scribblers? At a poetry reading where Conor … Continue reading Creative Writing at University

Facts about Tabata

Today, I'm opening the floor up to a guest post about an unusual, innovative style of fitness training called Tabata. Enjoy! If you thought an hour or even half an hour of aerobic exercise was a good way to lose weight and to stay fit, then here’s some four-minute news. Tabata. Tabata is a four … Continue reading Facts about Tabata

(WTCB September) On Journeys

We are winding down the WTCB September posts now. I’ve had so much fun this month delving further into my novel and its characters, symbolism, et cetera, but, unfortunately, September can’t last forever. To add to that, tomorrow I’m moving into my hall at Reading University, so I have to unscrew my literary blogger hat … Continue reading (WTCB September) On Journeys