Photo of the Week: Supportive

There is none more supportive of me than my partner, and though I rage at him a lot, he is always willing to listen. He is one of the kindest men I have ever met – I seem to be socially drawn to the kind – and he cares for me more than needs saying, more than can be said.

These roses he gave me for Valentine’s Day, but, like most fragile flowers in a heavy-air environment, they only lasted a couple of weeks.


I don’t mind. You see here the flowers before I dried them, as they began to blacken. I decided to be arty (!) and took this photo through the bouquet decorator, made of wicker, and which now hangs from my radiator.

Quick Takes Friday: Bring on the Stress!

It’s time for Friday’s summary of the week. Hosted by This Ain’t The Lyceum.



Exams: five down, zero to go.

Obligatory robot party gif.


“So, now you don’t have any exams, you have lots of free time, right?”

‘Nother misconception about students is that when we’re done with assignments and exams, we have nothing more to do. Not true. Currently, Alex is a busy bee, run off her feet, with so much yet to do with herself.

And, apparently, that makes her use third person…


The Itchy Feet event I’m helping to organise was on this coming Wednesday, so my free time was devoted to promoting that. Which is, frankly, scary, as it involves leaving the house and handing out flyers to strangers. Oh well. I need to up my performance confidence. I should make it a goal to stop flailing as I do things I actually love. Starting with cooking.

Itchy Feet Reading


I had three meetings today, of varying lengths and involvements, but all is adding up as work. My Psychology project for third year is beginning to be planned, but we’ve been unable to get hold of our supervisor, so it’s feeling like we’re in the middle of a lake without oars.


Did I mention that there was a Steampunk event last weekend? It wasn’t a big one, and revision meant I limited myself to one outing, but a Steampunk event is a Steampunk event nevertheless. The Sergeant and I travelled over to Frome in Somerset for a few hours of looking around the Steampunk market there and then around the small town. I may have popped into some charity shops for quick-spend clothes… No photos from me, sadly – as seems to be the unfortunate trend; and I’d love to vlog or video more steampunk outings – but my gentleman and I did snap a couple of selfies.




I’ve started editing again – didn’t much ease myself in, though, as I threw myself into Aidelle’s penultimate chapter whilst the Philosophy Society were busy with quiz and karaoke last night. The music in pubs these days is far too loud…


I’ve also been trying to enhance my imagery to make it more…unique to the novel.

Aidelle didn’t remember writing them, but her hand had decorated the page whilst Zara had been describing her life. It was as twisted as they were; more twisted than the pipes of a combustion engine. 

I Have All I Want: A Birthday Post

As is the way around birthday times, people were asking me what I wanted for my birthday (which is today, in case I didn’t make that clear enough).



I maked this cake today ^_^

Now, to that question, I replied the same as I generally do: I don’t know. Other people’s birthdays are hard enough to buy for, and, in all honesty, I’m not a big birthday celebrator. It’s just another day in the life of the universe. It is a celebration of a single person, but not a celebration that others can appreciate as a community.

At least last year, though, I kind of had ideas for presents, even if they were little things or things that helped me with life, cooking, existence. 😛 But, I don’t know, last year was a weird year. I knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday – what I’d always wanted every year – but I knew I wouldn’t get what I’d wished, so any presents were just filling the space.

Yet, this year, I have not been so bothered. Regardless of having two exams on Monday and Tuesday (the two days before my birthday), and trying to focus on them, I also have not been interested in presents – or even in people knowing that it was a day on which I was born 20 years ago.

Maybe it’s because I don’t really get attached to material things. I mean, if you’re going to buy my dinner or a drink, you get a grin from me, but I don’t want chocolate or jewellery or makeup or clothes. I don’t want flashy items. I am, by nature, a pragmatic person; I like doing. Besides, as a spoilt only child, I’ve had enough of things.

And, sure, I’d love to say that I don’t want material gains because material things mean nothing to me – as in, there is Him whom is greater than worldly positions. Part of my desire to push away material possessions stems from my faith.

But I think it runs deeper than that, runs deeper than my convictions. Maybe I am just a person of simple interests. *cough* Unlikely. *cough*

My personal desires and levels of happiness in and of themselves have turned birthdays into less consequential days than they used to be. And I like that.

The point is, this year I have everything I’ve wanted – within reason. I know I have to wait and persevere for career and family advancements – but no material possessions, no magic changes in my academic scores, or even no free drinks or experiences can change the feelings of lightness I have been blessed to feel in the last few months. Most significantly (if we must move into specifics), I have someone who is happy for me to look after him, and him to look after me; I feel as if God has opened my eyes to my purpose again with a wonderful gentleman.

I may not be working at my optimal, yet, emotionally and physically and even mentally, I have been more than averagely well. That for me this year has been better than any present, gift, or experience. That for me is a birthday present that lasts beyond a single day, event, or box.

John 15:15

A quote from the Gospel reading today. Our priest made the remark that if we go away with one thing from this Mass, we go away with ‘John 15:15’. God is calling us all to be his friends, his children and not his servants, and it is a call that requires us to do nothing if we don’t want to – He is calling us to be loved by him. If we do nothing else, we can at least share His Love through being good Christians and looking out for others in our daily lives.


Steampunk and Science

You may have noticed a certain absence of mine over the last few days. I have been in Leeds, taking a small holiday from my academic work, and working (less than steadily, however) on the work I have here on the blog, for irony notwithstanding. Yet, I had the pleasure of tailing my dear steamsona, Lady Summer Chronaire, as she occupied her time in her Sergeant’s airship and at the market in town that appears quarterly.

We also had the great fun of meeting eminent musician Professor Elemental. You may have heard of him. 😉

For me, the Prof’s setlist seemed to go far too quickly. He zoomed through abridged versions of his hits and performed a couple of new songs, but I would have loved to have heard more from the great man. Nevertheless, he’s one of those performers who is so genuine, even on album recordings. The sound quality of his live performances was on par with his albums, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

From The Sergeant’s camera. The lovely Isabella Bunny Bennett of Steam Powered Giraffe (my favourite band) liked this photo when it found its way onto Professor Elemental’s personal Facebook. Now I have a better claim to fame than having been on the same set as Benedict Cumberbatch 😉


The support act, Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers, was also amusing. Apart from the cheese song (I make a point of not liking cheese!), their music was entertaining and I think it appealed to most of the steampunks in the room.

Anyway, musical interludes aside, being immersed in the culture steampunk is so helpful for writing the genre and that of fantasy (which is why I make a note of it in my author’s bio when I query). I think merely seeing how people compose themselves in their costumes and how they are able to wander around in bustles and mechanicals is so useful for the physical, or actualised, movements of fictional book characters. One tends to act differently when in Victoriana, even when one is not constrained by the outfits we wear.

lab gear: Lab gear from Steampunks in Space at Leicester Space Centre, November ’14

lab gear: Lab gear from Steampunks in Space at Leicester Space Centre, November ’14

I was also given the opportunity to test out Lady C’s science value. I don’t know if there’s such a value as ‘science value’, but I mean by it the way Lady C is interpreted by those who first see her. Certainly, Lady C can be better recognised as a [mad or not is to be decided] scientist* if she is in her lab gear – and even in lecture uniform with her lab coat over the top.

Lady C at the Surrey Steampunk Convivial, February ’15, in lecture-wear as she analyses a leisurely game of jenga, photo by Jean Riddler

However, whilst some scientists are obvious in their outfits, I have no choice but to be less so, due to my inability to craft myself something special or primarily unique that screams scientist. When Lady Summer donned a more casual outfit of a blue corset and a green skirt for the Saturday, she had some people mistake her for some Ariel of the Steampunk world. Just imagine! It goes without saying that I was more than a little miffed, but I had someone to hold my hand when I needed it. 😉

However, Sunday’s outfit – although, ironically, it was her first dress and I consider it a more formal one, complete with petticoat and cairngorm – caught attention for the right reasons.

My collection of potions and fruits (necklaces in true form, but used as decorations for this instance) may have helped. I even bought myself another little potion, a make-shift DIY version however, of grey sulci in fluid**. To change this outfit from the regal, straight Victoriana one I wore for Lincoln’s activities, I added Lady C’s belt from her lab outfit, attached the trusty leather phone case, and tucked one of Doctor Geoff’s brains +4 badges above the collection of vials.

Tut tut, Lady Chronaire. Call that holding a flask?

Tut tut, Lady Chronaire. Call that holding a flask?

Next: a squidgy brain toy to carry around. Actually, can I just have one for my birthday? It would help with my revision, I swear! 😉

I had planned to wear my quill and science notebook on the Sunday, but I couldn’t find the quill in the mist of my bag and I doubted the notebook would have fitted in the weave of my belt. If I had the money (which I rarely do, poor starving artist), I might commission a leather holster for my notebook, as the Sergeant has for his tea instruments and the occasional *cough* nerf *cough* gun.

We mustn’t forget my trusty familiar, Gormley. He finally found his balance on my shoulder – sloe gin notwithstanding, though it’s been a couple of months since either of us have touched the good stuff – whispering threats of using my money on pointless objects, such as yet another collectable bookmark, or badges pledging allegiance to our Feline Overlords.***

Speaking of purchases, I finally found a suitable photo-frame. I’ve been searching for one for a while, but have found nothing nice and simple and the right size for your typical printed photo. I only wanted a simple silver one, since the photo in question in rather bright itself. However, I did stumble across one with some background cog decorations and this motif:

There is so much meaningful about that statement that I was pulled towards the frame regardless of my prior interests. When, the Saturday, it was sold, I felt those pangs of regret – and even still when my eyes grazed a very similar copy on the Sunday. I knew I had to buy it. For love.

So, that was my weekend, my market at Armley Mills experience. My attempt at giving Lady Chronaire more of her personality, as I would do one of my fictional characters. After all, being a steampunk is living fiction.

Oh, and The Sergeant and I sneaked into a photo in Sunday’s Yorkshire Evening Post.

Science, my dear gentleman.

Interested in the Steampunk culture or Steampunk/alternative-history fiction? You might like the other posts under the Gears and Cogs Alive! category of this blog. In addition, I frequently blog about my personal experiences of the British Steampunk society, so stick around the site and feel free to message me with questions about the genre.

*To be more specific: a psychobiologist-in-training, a student researcher at the Royal Berkshire University

**That’s brain-matter in blood to those of you not accustomed to psychology terminology

***This is a real thing