8 Things I’ll Miss About Reading Town

Now that I’ve started winding down from university, and namely living around universities, I’ve been thinking about what I’ll most miss about that atmosphere. Potentially the first in a series. A photo from the main Wantage building across the second quad to the second set of room where we stayed as first years. Walking to … Continue reading 8 Things I’ll Miss About Reading Town

Photo of the Week: Past

Isn't it funny when one stumbles across pieces from one's past, trinkets and tokens one thought one wouldn't see again? I suppose primary (elementary) school work is not in the same league as those sorts of things, per se. Nevertheless, it is fascinating for me to see the differences and similarities between me then and … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Past

Beautiful People: The Costello Brothers

Time for the monthly Beautiful People meme hosted by the lovely lasses Cait and Sky. This month’s topic of interest was of siblings, those mysterious people we have no choice but to know because we grew up with them. I write a lot of siblings, so this could have been a difficult choice for me … Continue reading Beautiful People: The Costello Brothers

Beautiful People: Agnetha

I’m editing her first adventure at the moment, so I think it’s appropriate that I tell you a little about my favourite – and first – protagonist via the Notebook Sisters and Further Up and Further In monthly meme. I turned my attention to the question of names – and my realisation was bitter. Inwardly, I cursed … Continue reading Beautiful People: Agnetha

Poem: Fingermarks on the Glass

Too many drinks make a hazy head – A thin line ‘tween clarity and peering through a traffic of images For the harmony of your tenor, For a stupid, goofy grin We both once shared. In drabs, our souls drip away; Though the clear transparency of your tone Mingles with my opaque dossier, One look … Continue reading Poem: Fingermarks on the Glass

Loving Life

I'm afraid it's simply a short, arbitrary post today, for various reasons - one being my Pitcharama pitch receiving FIVE requests - for which I am incredibly chuffed, but also pretty...well, frightened. Sometimes I wonder if I've jumped in at the wrong end of the pool, so to speak. Anyway, I'm putting posting aside for … Continue reading Loving Life

Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!

My baby is growing up... Haha, it feels weird to think that, this time last year, I was staring at the blank screen that was the 'Miss Alexandrina' blog and thinking "I have no idea what to write about". I knew I wanted a dark-but-not-too-much background and a header with my 'tools of the trade': … Continue reading Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!