Dropping The Miss

You may have noticed a few changes over the last couple of days. New headers, new themes, and a new tagline (sorta). That is because, in a couple of days, I will no longer be Miss Alexandrina. Not legally, anyway. I'll still be Miss in the sense of follow-me-round-a-Victorian-street, feed-the-birds, takea-your-picture-miss? I haven’t changed. I’m … Continue reading Dropping The Miss

Paper Fury’s Party Blogger Tag

To celebrate Cait G Drews’ new blog – from NotebookSisters to PaperFury, she’s hosting a party. Yay, party! Cait created this ‘BOUT THIS BLOGGER (yes, the caps are very necessary!) tag for everyone to participate in. Yay, again! Why did you start blogging? I started blogging because of That Fantasy Blog. Back in 2011, bloggers … Continue reading Paper Fury’s Party Blogger Tag


How is it possible to feel so empty without one singular person? This isn’t psychology; there is nothing – not chemistry, biology, no feature-less science – in explaining the gaps of the soul; when life is lost – or loss – this way, the only remainder is tears, and the only explanation heartache. Music has … Continue reading Emptiness

WTCB September: The Enigma is Rion

I was watching an advert last night when the idea for this post popped into my mind. One of the characters was called Ryan, and he reminded me, by name alone, of my antagonist, Rion. Yes, I talk of him a lot, but, for no true reason, he stays in the forefront of my mind, … Continue reading WTCB September: The Enigma is Rion

Learning From Culture and Technology

Just the phrase ‘culture and technology’ excites my dreams to conjure up images of electronic spires and pieces I could happily include in my worlds. So I have a completely acceptable reason for missing my Wednesday post. I was at a CaT session held locally. Did you know that there will probably be robots in … Continue reading Learning From Culture and Technology

Costello World-Building

I was doing a little bit of background writing to cement the literary value of each Costello brother in my mind, and I thought I'd share the introductory paragraph of world-building. ~ It’s clear that if one is born with Costello genes, one is destined for more than civilian normality. But what does this mean? … Continue reading Costello World-Building

5000 Views, Wow! (And Some Spammers)

*gasp* My little, one year old blog reached 5000 views. I feel honoured! 😛 Ironically, I've been flat-out busy these last couple of weeks - and, strangely, inundated with ideas for posts. So it was a temporal inconvenience for me (!) to have been landed with two milestones at once (another post is coming...) So, … Continue reading 5000 Views, Wow! (And Some Spammers)