Photo of the Week: River Sightings

This Sunday, I took a trip to the ‘enemy camps’, so to speak. Having many friends and an ex in the league of Oxonions (ie. those who are or have study/ied at The University of Oxford), I am strongly on that side of any – fictional or otherwise – rivalry between the two best-on-league-tables UK universities, and as such have never even considered visiting Cambridge as a city.

But I’m part of the UCL Jazz society and their Christmas annual trip is to go to Cambridge, and, wow, it’s a lot softer and smaller than Oxford, a lot more landscape-y, if one could think it! We had such a lovely time on the punts, entertaining others with our musical persuasions whilst entertaining ourselves with prosecco and mince pies!


I was positively enamoured with the scenery, particularly of the colleges that are bordering the main river down which we punted. I can’t recall which college exactly was this one, but I love the angles it cuts in this photograph. And that strip of clear blue as a sky to the strip of murky blue below. Ah, I ❤ classical architecture.


Photo of the Week: Scenery


It’s been a week of work, alas, and so not many interesting things have happened, or I’ve been able to photograph. I did take a leisurely stroll back home after Mass on Sunday morning, and bought a yummy Bento box from the chain-store Wasabi. Although it was a chilly day, I wanted to eat in the fresh air, so I sat down in St Pancras’ Square, a hidden gem across the way from King’s Cross station. Pretty, eh? I love the disconnected waterfall features they’ve got going on.

Photo of the Week: Summertime

The vibrant oranges and greens of Britain’s attempt at spring-summer. I used a light adjustment here to combat the overgrowth covering in the forest as I took the photo, but the colours are otherwise unedited. This tree also caught my eye because of its decaying exterior (and interior, I suppose). Story inspiration, anyone? 😀 Feel free to pin and share and inspire some more. 


Sorry I’ve not been much on schedule lately. With job applications and editing, I’ve had ideas for posts, but only got halfway with loads. Maybe I’ll post an update at some point.

Photo of the Week: Moorchicks

Want more little fluffy things for this middle of Spring? I have you covered! These baby moorhens (and sadly some of the only photos I was able to take this week) are new to the campus lake and followed their mama. Look at that chick standing atop the rock!