Photo of the Week: The Varieties of Matcha

I’m sure you know of matcha tea, that blend of leaves that are green and rich in energy and antioxidants. What you may not know is that it is actually delicious, particularly when blended and served with the right amount of milk in a latte.

Okay, I’ll admit: this is a Starbucks one. I have an excuse: I’ve been unwell this past week, and with the additional thought of workload added on top of that, how do you really expect me not to blow off some steam and relax in Starbucks?

That is, however, not to say that I haven’t tried other match lattes, and this week has been better packed with them. So this image is only one of what I could have done (but the better, visually).


7 Quick Takes: Prayer, Trust, and All the Choices

I’m back for the Friday 7 Quick Takes today. Hosted, as usual, by This Ain’t the Lyceum. Check ‘em out!

Seven Quick Takes


Choices, Choices, and More Choices. I’ve been trying to make a few *big* choices, difficult choices. Retrospectively, they’re not things that would seem that important to other people, but making choices is something I struggle to do definitely. I’m a maybe person; I like things in the middle. And, so, making a singular yes is difficult.


Inviting God into the Everyday. After going to World Youth Day, I have been trying to put God first (or, being honest, more first) in my daily life, even in just waking up and thinking about my day. That was one thing that helped me during exam revision. God and I working together.


Prayer is Enough. I will admit, however, that I’m not one of the best people to stick to a daily prayer schedule. I am trying, though.



Thankfully… I am definitely doing a Masters in London. I have officially finished my pre-enrolment, so all that is left to do is wait the days out until my new term.


There Are Always Options. I’ve got to remember the mind-set that whatever happens and comes to be is part of God’s ultimate plan for me. Things go wrong, as they always seem to do around me, but in the end, they were always meant to go wrong; or, rather, they were always meant to happen differently to what I might have expected or even hoped for.


How is life, though? It’s good. I am enjoying the company of the three cats with which I am now living. Thus, the photo below. That’s Bovril, and she’s a sweetie.









The End Is Nigh

Good luck to all the finalists (I don’t know how the system works in other countries, so I guess this is tailored to the UK) who finish their degrees verrryy soon.

Me included. 5 exams down, 1 to go.


More revision pics. Because revision. Seems to be my life right now.

In my gorgeous vintage Bernie Dexter skirt and petticoat 🙂

I can’t promise that my blog schedule will get back on track. But you know me – I can but hope!

Photo of the Week: Caramel

I have nicknamed this week ‘Hell week’, as from Monday to Monday it is of four deadlines and at least four meetings, so hence the blog going quiet. It’s a necessary quiet for now until I get my uni stuff more in order. Or I’ll just stick with Photo of the Week and the new Wednesday reblog until term is over (that’s only five more weeks, if one can believe that!).

If you follow me on Instagram, you would’ve seen this image from this week – of Starbucks’ new flavour, ‘burnt caramel’ latte. This, although nothing new, is a hint of a different flavour, if you want something to sip in the warmth as rain pours outside. We’ve had a lot of rain in England lately…

Made well, the syrup and the cream match well together in the latte, on its own or with a piece of shortbread. On the other hand, it feels like Starbucks is trying to fill in with a new flavour the void between their popular festive flavours and any special festive Easter flavours they intend to throw at us.

Yes, I’m now a coffee connoisseur.

And if you missed the facetious tone, you don’t know me enough.

Now the photo. Backed lovingly by my newest bag of Lush purchases… It’s a vice.


7 Quick Takes – The World Continues Turning

I may be a day late for the Friday Quick Takes, but I thought I ought to add something in this blog of a weekly writing update around the reblogs and photos of the week I’ve been placing down.


Wow, what a week it’s been. Hard to believe that this time last week I was in Lincoln for the big annual Steampunk festival and Lady Chronaire was cosplay Upgrade from Steam Powered Giraffe for the Saturday occasions. I had a lot of fun, though there were so many things I missed. The intimate problem with large conventions.

At the Empire Ball on the Sunday evening
At the Empire Ball on the Sunday evening


In my headspace at the moment, I don’t know, realistically, if I’ll be able to write a summary of this year’s Lincoln Asylum – particularly as there were more days than last year – but I had a lot of fun and did a lot of things. Seriously, I think I am still trying to declutter my head after all the events and talks.

Ooh, can I keep him? ^_^ <3 (Th Boyfriend dressed for the Empire Ball)
Ooh, can I keep him? ^_^ ❤
(Th Boyfriend dressed for the Empire Ball)


I think part of what has inspired me to keep writing, to press on, and to hope more than ever, were the writing talks I went to in Lincoln. Three, in fact. I decided to skip the descriptive competition, as I did that last year and it would’ve taken the place of two hours on the timetable. Besides which, by Sunday, I was exhausted and socially overwhelmed that I don’t think I would’ve been able to do it.

My friend cosplaying as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe
My friend cosplaying as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe. Plus GG plush.


I met a bunch of fellow Steampunk writers in Lincoln [ie. the published ones] – Steve Turnbull, Ceri-Leigh Harper, Raven Dane, Rob Harkess, Sam Stone, and others that I’ve probably forgotten (which is my own fault for not taking copious amounts of photos that writers deserve, though I did pinch a few bookmarks ;)).


Writing. With September, I’m getting my working hat back on and finally getting back into the writing groove with Geeky Love. It’s already over wordcount and over the preferred length I would’ve had it, and there are still massive gaps between scenes that need to be connected and scenes written in dual POV that probably have no need of being. I have a lot of work to do before it’s ready.


In this extract, Kazia and Joel have to decide if they want to be a proper couple…

“Yup.” I grinned again, and pushed myself into a more upright position. “Joel, I was also thinking…well.”


“Is this—are we…a thing? An i-item? Together?”

His deer-in-headlights silence was hardly comforting and not a pinch satisfying. Still, I leant back on my haunches, and waited. I’d learnt, through my pitiful years of dating, that it was the waiting that mattered.


It’s been difficult for me to blog lately. Not for want of time – or want of material, for I could get some if I wished – but it’s turning into a chore with negative connotations, and that’s not something I want. I don’t know if I will take an official from-blogging break, but I also cannot guarantee any sort of routine or frequency to my posts.

The lower-classes are out of hand!
Those lower-classes are out of hand!