The Sunny Side of Roma

It rained today in Rome, big fat drops that sent minuscule chills down my spine because they contrasted so much with the heat and the sunshine beating down upon our hats at noon on a Wednesday. That was the second time it had rained, the first being on our first proper outing (the major downside … Continue reading The Sunny Side of Roma

It’s a Month Until I Finish my BA

Actually, that title is a lie. I didn’t have time to write this last week and then I forgot about it. But, yes, after three years, I am on the last legs of my degree. It’s bizarre! A weird feeling to think that in less than a month (it’s under three weeks now), I will … Continue reading It’s a Month Until I Finish my BA

Rain and Cherry Blossoms

I think it's fair to say that it's spring. Granted, the clocks don't spring forward until the end of March, but the English days have been getting warmer (even if the nights haven't), to the point that it's awkward to where loads of layers. In fact, as I remarked recently, it's almost cardigan weather again. … Continue reading Rain and Cherry Blossoms

Photo of the Week: Dreary

In England, we're fighting the summer rain again. Boo, cold weather... I was given this miniature bamboo, and I think it works well as a subject for this week's photo. I lightened it up a bit, as, as you can imagine, the weather does not good natural light make. Hopefully, it will cheer up a … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Dreary

7 Quick Takes about Grabbing Some New [Text]Books, Overflowing the Scores, and Doubling the Extract!

Please join us for this week’s 7 Quick Takes, hosted by ConversionDiary. ~1~ I almost skipped today’s Quick Takes because I’ve been so busy with academic stuff that I’ve barely had time for momentous things that are worth talking about. So excuse any possible dry writing on this post. ~2~ Swing social tonight! Very exciting. … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes about Grabbing Some New [Text]Books, Overflowing the Scores, and Doubling the Extract!

Photo of the Week: Early

Last Tuesday I pushed myself to wake at 4am - not only as part of my attempt to 're-jig' my larkish circadian rhythm, but also because I was going on a nature walk through the Reading grounds at glorious 5am. It had to start before the dawn for us to really experience all of the … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Early