Photo of the Week: Mirrored

We went for a canal walk this weekend, whilst the last of the British summer favours us (though, not according to predicted weather for this week...). I don't normally opt for surface-sky reflections, but unfortunately I didn't take many photos - and I forgot until our walk back, so the day was beginning to fade … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Mirrored

All about 2014

I suppose 2014 was one of the strangest years I’ve had for a long while. After all, I entered it as a bushy-eyed eighteen-year-old starting the second term of my Psychology and Philosophy degree. And I seem to have finished it high in optimism and wisdom, but not so greatly in success. Sometimes I wonder … Continue reading All about 2014

Photo of the WeeK: Reflections

(Don't say a word. My schedule has been upside-down and uncertain of late.) Reflections. Literal patterns of light bouncing off their object and into our retina. On a technicality, our entire world when seen is a reflection of what it actually is. Be that as it may, in a full room of people it's difficult … Continue reading Photo of the WeeK: Reflections

Photo of the Week: Glittery

As you know, it was Mothering Sunday yesterday, and we went out to a local carvery (all you can eat, yay!). As part of the package, each mother was placed on a fancy table (with balloons and everything! :P), offered champagne and a free gift of bath stuff. Our table sat under a gorgeous chandelier, … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Glittery

Happy Second Birthday!

Well, what can I say? On 29th Jan 2012 I started this blog and look how it has grown! I didn't really know where I was heading, or what I was doing (or why on Earth I was starting a freaking blog!), so the posts were all over the place, but now posts and trends … Continue reading Happy Second Birthday!

November Ghosts

Just a short poem I wanted to share, also found on my Protagonize account. Woollen coats And past memoirs, Faint echoes of The frost beneath feet; Not one pair Or two, But three in neatened row, Trailing off to nowhere, Gossamer nowhere, As cold as winter air, Without such bite; In the distance Lies shapes … Continue reading November Ghosts