June 2017 Wrap Up

Like, did I actually a) blog and b) do a wrap up post?? Blame Cait @ PaperFury for inspiring me. (Photo by Katherine Hinzman) Reading I finished ADAMANT by Emma L Adams. Thoughts/Mini Review? 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. I liked it, and the characters were quirky, but it was a pretty chunky read, … Continue reading June 2017 Wrap Up

101 Shades of Teal

As luck would have it, my bridesmaid dress plans are almost in as much tatters as I suspect the swatches/samples of dresses would be now. It's an arduous story that starts with one of Alexa's wild ideas. Madly out of my price-range, but what if my girls were dress in shades of blues and greens, … Continue reading 101 Shades of Teal

Glamour and Intrigue

Well, I intended to bl;og today. And I intended to write a bit of my old collaborative, Metropoliton Magic (which I have mentioned is coming to its exciting finale, and I want to keep following). Alas, the time has slipped away from me today. I would like to say I have a proper excuse: doing … Continue reading Glamour and Intrigue

Photo of the Week: Selfie.2

Another selfie from me. I'm rather in love with a new lipstick set I bought for myself for Christmas. One of which was a nude lipstick, which I thought I would be going and repackaging as a present for a friend. But, actually, once I tried it, I found it very lovely and silky. Plus, … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Selfie.2

Photo of the WeeK: Alex Vintage

Again, weak on the photo proficiency this week, so instead of a photo by me, have a photo of me, in one of my vintage outfits. I treated myself to an early Christmas present (as I got no vintage pieces for Christmas) of the Bernie Dexter Trixie skirt in Essex Poppy Fields print, plus, I've … Continue reading Photo of the WeeK: Alex Vintage

Photo of the Week: Lips

I've been really loving the Limecrime makeup lipsticks recently, and wearing them on a frequent basis. In this photo, I am wearing the velvetine liquid-to-matte Jinx, a delicious purple/red, depending on the intensity of how much one puts on. I'm also wearing my Purplepunk outfit from Steampunks in Space from this weekend, which was a … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Lips

7 Quick Takes – A Pinup Wishlist

Don’t you find it frustrating when you plan to write a post or reblog something and you don’t even give your blog a glance on the day? I mean, even this is two days late this week… *sigh* With my swing dance, uni, and [sometimes unsuccessful] writing commitments, I have been finding more and more … Continue reading 7 Quick Takes – A Pinup Wishlist