The Sunny Side of Roma

It rained today in Rome, big fat drops that sent minuscule chills down my spine because they contrasted so much with the heat and the sunshine beating down upon our hats at noon on a Wednesday. That was the second time it had rained, the first being on our first proper outing (the major downside … Continue reading The Sunny Side of Roma

Photo of the Week: Sunset

Looking back over my photos, it's actually been a pretty busy week, if only of just travelling. I think you must probably be sick of seeing summer sunset pictures by now, mid-August, and full of the heat of British weather. But a nice sunset is sometimes a rare thing, just peaking out from behind the … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Sunset


Sometimes I take part in the Currently... blog hop series. Loving... The British weather at the moment. It’s glorious and sunny; a good return from Italy, as there’s been a minimal drop in temperature. Indeed, the temperature indoors in Britain matches the air-conned lounges of Italia, so not much change there. But will it last? … Continue reading Currently…Warming

Rain and Cherry Blossoms

I think it's fair to say that it's spring. Granted, the clocks don't spring forward until the end of March, but the English days have been getting warmer (even if the nights haven't), to the point that it's awkward to where loads of layers. In fact, as I remarked recently, it's almost cardigan weather again. … Continue reading Rain and Cherry Blossoms

Quick Takes Friday about Goals, Success, and Holidays

For this week's Quick Takes, I'm still in Scotland, but only just. Check out the rest of the hop over at This Ain't the Lyceum. ~1~ This week has been weird, in terms of weather. We had some almost torrential rain a couple of days - the kind of rain that is constant throughout the … Continue reading Quick Takes Friday about Goals, Success, and Holidays

What’s Up, Wednesday? 22/4/15

Well, it's been a while since my last What's Up, Wednesday?. Phew. Nice to have a format, though, so while my schedule's still all over the place, I'll find myself a little bit in these short headings. What I’m Reading Reading several books at the moment, including SPLINTERED by AG Howard (I’m halfway through), ADAMANT … Continue reading What’s Up, Wednesday? 22/4/15

Quick Takes Friday about Winter’s Iciness, Anxiety Reading, and oh yeah it’s Friday

Once again, the week rolls around to Friday in a flash, and we gather together to share seven quick takes about our weeks, hosted by the lovely This Ain't the Lyceum. #1. Although Friday has been commercialised by popular media, I cant help but enjoy this Katy Perry song and be glad that my weekend has … Continue reading Quick Takes Friday about Winter’s Iciness, Anxiety Reading, and oh yeah it’s Friday