The amazing Katy Upperman’s KISSING MAX HOLDEN has a final cover. Look at the prettiness! You can find KISSING MAX HOLDEN in August 2017. 🙂

Guys, Kissing Max Holden has a finalized cover, and I could not love it more!


Let’s talk about the pretty, shall we?

The colors: I liked the grayscale of the winning cover direction, but I LOVE how this new image looks: sharp and crisp, with plenty of contrast. And then there’s the gradient pink of the title; pink is my favorite, and I’m so happy to see it featured on Kissing Max Holden‘s cover. It feels fresh and fun and romantic.

The cover models: I mean, I couldn’t have handpicked a more perfect Jilly and Max. She’s beautiful but approachable, and he’s got dark, wild hair and a jaw that won’t quit. Together? They’re adorable.

The composition: The way he’s coming over the fence for her? Yes. They way she’s touching his face? There’s a history there. The way he’s holding her wrist? Clearly, he wants her. The almost-kiss? Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Also, bonus: My name!…

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Photo of the WeeK: Alex Vintage

Again, weak on the photo proficiency this week, so instead of a photo by me, have a photo of me, in one of my vintage outfits. I treated myself to an early Christmas present (as I got no vintage pieces for Christmas) of the Bernie Dexter Trixie skirt in Essex Poppy Fields print, plus, I’ve recently been inspired by the beautiful Instagram user arianette_b, I’ve been trying to incorporate cardigans into my winter outfits, as I had wear them with t-shirts and blouses both.


Also wearing my CollectIf cherry print blouse and cherry necklace, two of my faves. The cardigan and cat broach are childhood pieces.

Photo of the Week: Moments

A small flower I was keeping in my room, but, cut from the plant, it was never going to last. Yet, in morning light, as I went to throw it away, I noticed the interplay of colours in the dying carnation. (I know nothing of biology, so I couldn’t say what’s happening here, but death comes in processes.) An interesting subject for a photograph definitely.

AlexB_dyingmomentsTaken with my HTC phone camera, though you might not tell. 🙂

Photo of the Week: Red Foam

I took a lot of spontaneous photos this week, and as such, I had no idea which to display today. I walked around a local park yesterday and starting taking photos of Orienteering posts; I took some more abstract shots of Gormely the Dapper Squirrel; I had some fascinating drinks at a friend’s birthday on Friday.


I suppose my American friends know the restaurant TGI Fridays (or is a British replication thing?). I certainly enjoyed the food and the drinks in the one in Reading. Ribs, cheesecake, and a couple of these beautiful cocktails, fruity and light, with a foam top made of egg whites – think liquid meringue.

I utilised a black-and-white photo to capture the glints of light off the glass. The foam really caught the light, making for a difficult shot in the low-lighting of the restaurant.

The original colour-photo to get a sense of the red: