Happy Book Birthday, RULES FOR THIEVES

My critique partner, Alexandra Ott's, debut novel is out today, MG Fantasy RULES FOR THIEVES! Eee, exciting. Look at that glossy cover! (And did I mention I had a hand in choosing the title? 😉 ) Twelve-year-old Alli Rosco is smart, resourceful, and totally incapable of keeping her mouth shut. Some of these traits have … Continue reading Happy Book Birthday, RULES FOR THIEVES


(What's this? Another review? Well, I read on the way to work, okay.) Born in a whorehouse in the slums of Fortuna and burdened with a prosthetic arm, seventeen-year-old JANET REDSTONE doesn’t think she owes the Clockwork Gods anything—which is why she makes a living stealing from their temples. But when she lands her team … Continue reading HOUR OF MISCHIEF Review

Photo of the Week: Mother and Young

Only in the centre of Oxford would one find ducklings taking a casual stroll through the streets. They hurried quite a way past, but I did get this one of two snaps, zooming in to count how many little ones they are - eight or nine, which is definitely a bigger brood than I've seen … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Mother and Young

Photo of the Week: Egyptian Goslings

One of those revision-break walks around Reading lake. These are our Egyptian Geese with this year's goslings. I've seen a lot of goslings in my two years in Reading, but very few young Egyptian Geese. The adults themselves are rather...fearsome, but the young are so cute and fluffy. Well, look at that little gosling!

Photo of the Week: Ducklings

Yes, I know: another photo of the week post on a Tuesday, instead of Monday. I went to watch the new Star Trek movie yesterday, so I lost my Monday afternoon and spent the evening editing my first chapter. Anyway, better late than never. For me, ducks are difficult subjects to photograph. They just swim … Continue reading Photo of the Week: Ducklings